Coastal patrol vessels

Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV)

Coastguard and Economic Exclusive Zones (EEZ) vessels worldwide are increasingly faced with new challenges. The offshore industry has been a key factor in our design of technology-intensive and multifunctional vessels. Past experience and previous solutions have proved invaluable in creating new standards for coastguard vessels.


  • Innovative arrangements, propulsion and drive design
  • High comfort with minimum noise and vibration
  • Classified Comfort Class, Clean Class/Clean Design
  • Optimal hull-form design
  • Ease of construction


Typical applications

The UT-Design for coastguard vessels is suitable for a variety of tasks including:

  • Patrolling
  • Fisheries protection
  • Emergency stand-by
  • Pollution control
  • Fire-fighting
  • Salvage and towing

The vessels are designed specifically in compliance with stringent environmental standards within specific areas of application. At the same time, the vessels provide optimum performance with regard to speed, fuel efficiency, comfort and ease of construction.

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