Rolls-Royce ship design for the offshore industry, UT-Design, covers platform supply, anchor handling, cable-laying and multi-purpose vessels as well as seismic survey, intervention service and drilling vessels.

Offshore supply and serviceSupply and service

Our experience covers PSV, AHTS, MPSV, rescue, coastal patrol and cable laying vessels.

Offshore exploration and productionExploration and production

We provide an unrivalled range of products and services to the offshore industry.

We provide vessels with the benefits of cutting-edge technology, safe and flexible solutions - purpose fitted for their operations.

Rolls-Royce is the largest supplier in the maritime business for propulsion and motion control systems, winches and deck systems and has a full line of medium-speed diesel engines for propulsion and auxiliary powers.

The optimised solutions we supply derive from our ability to focus on - and respond to - the needs of our customers. The results are optimised designs, long-term reliability and functionality, customised to each vessel.

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