Seismic vessels

Seismic vessels

Rolls-Royce has decades of experience developing advanced seismic research vessels and other highly specialised offshore support vessels.

Based upon previous designs Rolls-Royce has developed a new series of vessels for seismic operations. The new NVC series with its new hull form are meeting todays standards for class and comfort.


  • High comfort with minimum noise and vibration
  • Classified Comfort Class, Clean Class / Clean Design
  • Innovative arrangements, propulsion and drive design
  • Optimal hull-form design
  • Ease of construction
  • Code of safety for special purpose ships 2008

Seismic NVC 830 CD





NVC 830 CD is a modern seismic research vessel, designed to operate up to 14 streamers

Rolls-Royce has the expertise and technology necessary to provide clients with a design capable of tackling any offshore operation.

Our customised vessels are all based on well-proven designs and provide excellent sea-keeping capabilities, life-long cost efficiency and, not least, construction-friendly despite the vessel's complexity.

Tamhae II, Rolls-Royce design UT 723Tamhae II, Rolls-Royce design UT 723

Seismic research vessel designed for Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources(KIGAM). The vessel executes seismic and bottom sampling surveys in the sea adjacent to Korea and open oceans.

Rolls-Royce products installed: rudders, tunnel thrusters, passive stabilizing system, control system, steering gear, deck machinery, diesel engines, C.P. propellers, reduction gears and monitoring and control system.

Western Patriot, Rolls-Royce design UT 743

Western Patriot, Rolls-Royce design UT 743

Seismic research vessel designed for Western Atlas International, Inc.
Rolls-Royce products installed: Diesel engines, C.P. propellers, tunnel thruster, rudders, deck machinery and monitoring and control systems.

Western Trident, Rolls-Royce design UT 753

Western Trident, Rolls-Royce design UT 753

Seismic research vessel designed for Western Atlas International Inc.
Rolls-Royce products installed: Rudders, steering gear, tunnel thruster, C.P. propellers, passive stabilizing system, deck machinery, diesel Engines, monitoring and control systems.

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