Exploration and production

We provide an unrivalled range of products and services to the offshore industry. With production facilities in nine countries and a comprehensive worldwide support network spanning 33 countries, we are a global supplier of marine solutions.

Seismic vesselsSeismic vessels

Our customised vessels are all based on well-proven designs and provide excellent sea-keeping capabilities and life-long cost efficiency.

Floating Platform Storage and Offloading (FPSO)Floating platform storage and offloading

We have the expertise and technology necessary to provide clients with a design capable of tackling any offshore operation.

Drill ships and platformsDrill ships and platforms

We have achieved a reputation for excellence in the supply of high-quality and reliable machinery for safe operation in all climate zones.

Systems solutions for offshore vessels

Our ship systems range from small automation systems through to complete ships, customised to meet your exact needs.

In addition to principal equipment such as prime movers, propulsion equipment and deck machinery, other specialist equipment such as steering gear, bulk cargo handling systems, high performance rudders, stabilising systems and automation systems can be provided individually or as part of an integrated system package.

Deck machinery

We supply mooring, riser pull-in-systems for floating units in the offshore oil and gas industry and have an established reputation for the supply of high-quality and reliable machinery for safe operation in all environments.

We also offer low-pressure or electric drive winches, anchor mooring winches, traction winches and storage winches. Other equipment includes; chain jacks, fairleads, control and monitoring systems and bulk cargo handling systems.


We are the largest supplier of propulsion and manoeuvring systems offshore, with our propulsion systems used in offshore applications around the world delivering reliable power on demand.

We provide a complete range of rotary vane steering gear and rudders for any offshore operation, as well as thrusters, DP systems, and propeller systems. Products are designed to a vessel’s exact working area to ensure maximum manoeuvrability and reliability.

Generators and engines

We supply complete solutions for marine propulsion, auxiliary power and offshore power plants, delivering superior performance, high reliability and cost efficiency. Our engines are internationally renowned by seismic survey and research vessel owners and operators for their silent and low vibration characteristics.

Our diesel and gas generators, supplying energy to offshore installations, meet stringent environmental requirements whilst delivering high performance and cost effective and reliable production of electricity and heat.

Global service and support

Our service and support concept has been developed to secure life cycle support for your vessel and its equipment. Our goal is to make your investment profitable for as long as possible, whilst protecting your values through our dedicated and global support network.

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