Naval coastal protection vessels

Coastal protection vessels

We provide a number of ship designs for the EEZ patrol, protection and pollution control sector from 850–1800 dwt and beyond, derived from extensive experience in the offshore market.

Alternatively, a full range of equipment options are available, which can be supplied as system equipment packages direct to shipyards.

A related design, the UT 527 multi-field standby vessel delivers fire fighting, emergency towing and pollution control capability, and can accommodate up to 320 survivors in a marine disaster. The heli-deck and two daughter craft can be used for specific missions.

Typical applications

  • UT512 K/V Harstad
    Operated by Remøy Shipping for the Norwegian Coastguard
  • UT 515
    Two vessels operated by Abeille Bourbon around the coast of France
  • UT 517
    Three vessels operated by the Indian Coastguard
  • UT 719-T
    Two vessels operated by Klyne Tugs for the UK Maritime Coastguard Agency
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