Small fast craft

Small fast craft

We are a market leader in mid-sized aluminium and stainless steel waterjets for small fast craft of all types, including RIBS, patrol boats and fast landing craft where shallow draft is vital.

Exceptional manoeuvrability is delivered through the Rolls-Royce Kamewa joy-stick control system, it also enables most boats to 'crash stop' from full speed in very short distances, for smaller craft it is normally little over a boats length.

Typical applications

  • Targa 37 Police Boat
  • G-Boat assault craft (Finland)
  • Offshore Raiding Craft (UK)
  • RIB (US Navy Marines)
  • Pegasus Mark V (US Navy)
  • Jurmo landing craft (Finland)
  • Combat Boat 90 (Sweden, Norway, Mexico, Malaysia, Greece)
  • Gannatha fast landing/assault craft (UAE)
  • SDB Mk3 Patrol boat (India)
  • Al Shaheed patrol boat (Kuwait)
  • Um Almaradim patrol boat (Kuwait)
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