Fast naval vessels

We have an unrivalled track record in supplying equipment for fast craft of all sizes. For vessels designed to go faster than 30 knots and can be called upon to operate in shallow waters, waterjets turned by diesels or gas turbines are often the preferred propulsion system option.

Small fast craftSmall fast craft

We are a market leader in mid-sized aluminium and stainless steel waterjets for small fast craft of all types...

Fast combatantsFast combatants

We play a leading role in the supply of propulsion systems for fast combatants…

Fast logistic vesselsFast logistic vessels

We have developed a family of fast naval logistic ships based on the commercial P2500 fast cargo hull form…

We are a world leader in waterjet technology with units in service propelling medium-speed and high-speed patrol craft in 20 of the world's navies. We are also developing and testing the underwater discharge AWJ-21 waterjet under contract with the US Navy's ONR to provide increased propulsive efficiency with reduced acoustic signature.

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