Fast combatants

Fast combatants

An excellent track record in the supply of propulsion systems for large fast ferries has seen us take a leading position in the supply of similar equipment for fast combatants.

For a growing number of navies speed is an important factor - there is a need to deliver force into theatre quickly in the event of a crisis, and terrorist forces usually use the fastest vessels, a threat which navies must be able to effectively counter.

Over 20 classes of fast naval vessel including the UAE Navy's latest Baynunah corvettes, are now equipped with Rolls-Royce equipment in a variety of different systems configurations, matched to the vessels operating requirements.

Typical applications

  • Littoral Combat Ship (Lockheed Martin – Flight 0 USA)
  • Baynunah Corvette (UAE)
  • Visby Corvette (Sweden)
  • Skjold SES (Norway)

(All images courtesy Lockheed Martin)

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