Helicopter & aircraft carriers

Helicopter and aircraft carriers

Our equipment is well suited to service on aircraft and helicopter carriers. The high tolerance five bladed fixed pitch propellers for the world’s largest warship, the US Navy's CVNs weigh over 27 tonnes, are 6.4m in diameter and are cast and machined at our facility in Pascagoula.

The latest addition the French fleet, the multi-role, assault ship Mistral is the first naval vessel to be equipped podded electric propulsion - two 7MW Mermaid pods.

HMS Ocean, the UK’s Landing Platform Dock, is equipped with a range of our equipment including Pielstick PA6 diesels, fixed pitch propellers, folding fin stabilisers, steering gear and mooring winches.

Typical applications

  • USS George H W Bush (US Navy)
  • Landing vessels, Mistral & Tonnèrre (France)
  • Charles de Gaulle (France)
  • HMS Ocean (UK Royal Navy)
  • Principe De Asturias (Spain)
  • Invincible Class (UK Royal Navy)

(Images: top left, courtesy Thales, top right, MoD Crown copyright)

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