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We have has equipment installed on a large number of operating destroyers. To meet the growing requirement for higher speeds, electric propulsion and greater power generation capacity on board today's large global combatants the MT30 marine gas turbine has been developed. It also allows the maximum power to be delivered by two gas turbines instead of four.

For the UK's Type 45 programme (main image courtesy BAE Systems) we are providing a package of equipment that includes WR-21 gas turbines, adjustable bolted propellers, shaftlines and bearings, stabilisers and steering gear.

Typical applications

  • Type 45 Destroyer (UK Royal Navy)
  • Arleigh Burke DDG51 (US Navy)
  • KDX-III (South Korea)
  • KDX-II (South Korea)
  • Sprurance Class US Navy)
  • Ticonderoga Class (US Navy)
  • Kongou (JMDSF)
  • Murasame (JMDSF)
  • Delhi Class (India)
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