Corvettes & frigates

Corvettes and frigates

A significant number of the world's corvettes and frigates are powered by Rolls-Royce or have some Rolls-Royce equipment installed. The range of equipment is tailored to these vessels and continues to grow.

We are committed to supporting our products throughout the vessels life and provide a range of tailored support packages specifically for second user navies that reduce operating and ownership costs.

Typical applications

  • Fridtjof Nansen Class (Norway)
  • Delta Class (Singapore)
  • Armatola Class (South Africa)
  • De Zeven Provincien Class (The Netherlands)
  • Hydra Class (Greece)
  • ANZAC Class (Australia)
  • Type 23 Class (UK Royal Navy)
  • Halifax Class (Canada)
  • Abakuma Class (JMSDF)
  • Po Hang Class (South Korea)
  • Qahir Class (Oman)
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