Conventional combatants

We have extensive experience in delivering and supporting motion control, power, and propulsion systems to the navies of the world for all sizes of combatant.

Corvettes and frigatesCorvettes & frigates

A significant number of the world's corvettes and frigates are powered by Rolls-Royce or have some Rolls-Royce equipment installed...

Destroyers and cruisersDestroyers & cruisers

We have equipment installed on a large number of operating destroyers and cruisers…

Helicopter and aircraft carriersHelicopter & aircraft carriers

Our equipment is well suited to service on aircraft and helicopter carriers …

The requirement for more power, greater flexibility with space limitations and lower through-life costs has led us to develop a number of exciting new products.

The world's most powerful marine gas turbine, the Rolls-Royce MT30 powers Lockheed Martin's, flight 0 Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) and is also included in the baseline design for two proposed Royal Navy aircraft carriers.

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