Tugs & workboats

Tugs and workboats

Excellence in naval architecture, hydrodynamics and marine engineering puts Rolls-Royce in the unique position of supplying the world's most comprehensive range of propulsion and manoeuvring systems for tugs and workboats.

Rolls-Royce also supplies towing equipment packages comprising forward and aft winches, towing hooks and capstans which are developed in close cooperation with customers to provide operating flexibility.

As well as tugs used for harbour and terminal services, our propulsion and deck machinery systems cover tugs used for all possible towing, pushing, salvage and escort applications. They are effective solutions for the varied types of workboat engaged in all kinds of inshore and offshore duties, and for coastal ferries.

Propulsion systems on modern tugs are commonly based on azimuth thrusters, which are rotating units that direct the propulsive thrust in any direction, providing the method of steering.

Azimuth thrusters provide excellent manoeuvrability and higher efficiency. These thrusters use controllable or fixed-pitch propellers running in nozzles specially designed for azimuth thrusters to give high bollard pull.

Our medium speed Bergen diesel engine portfolio comprises a comprehensive range of established and newly developed engine types for main propulsion and auxiliary power generation with power outputs from 1-8MW.

Gas-fuelled Bergen engines are now available for marine propulsion, with direct mechanical transmission or as part of an electric propulsion system.

These engines offer very low levels of exhaust emissions - attractive for powering coastal ferries where LNG or other gas infrastructure is accessible. Our comprehensive portfolio of deck machinery is available to meet the varied range of towing, mooring and anchoring demands required by these different types of vessel.

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