Delivering higher performance through systems solutions

Our breadth of experience and wide range of quality products enables us to develop fully integrated systems solutions designed to maximise performance and operational efficiency over your vessels lifetime.

Our propulsion systems are developed against your specific requirements within our own hydrodynamic research facility to ensure optimum performance in terms of noise, vibration, and speed.

Our capability to optimise complete compatibility between all system components, results in enhanced performance with greater fuel efficiency and outstanding passenger comfort.

Ship building time and costs can be effectively reduced through efficient designs that simplify installation.

We are a single-source supplier of power, propulsion and manoeuvring system packages for cruise ships and ferries of all types.The range of equipment encompasses diesel and gas turbines and auxiliary power units, propellers, thrusters, waterjets, steering gear, and rudders.

With a power rating of 36MW the MT30 marine gas turbine brings state-of-the-art Trent aero engine technology to the cruise industry. Available for service in either mechanical or electrical genset applications, the MT30 meets the immediate and future power demands of cruise market.

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