Rolls-Royce equipment is suitable for the small coastal product tanker, mid sized shuttle tankers to the largest Very Large Crude Carrier’s (VLCCs).

For the largest advanced VLCCs our low-pressure anchoring and mooring systems contribute to a specification demanding high efficiency, safety and reliability.

We offer smaller vessel design solutions, such as small double-hull product tankers complete with a package of equipment including Azipull azimuth thrusters.

The concept increases cargo capacity by 5-7 per cent compared with a conventional single screw design, making it more manoeuvrable and efficient.

Equipment packages for tankers

In terms of propellers and thrusters, we are a leading supplier of propulsion systems for the tanker markets. Products include Rolls-Royce Kamewa CP and fixed-pitch propellers FPPs. Also included and various types of Rolls-Royce Aquamaster azimuth thrusters - rotating units that direct the propulsive thrust in any direction, providing effective steering.

Integrated steering system packages can include rotary vane steering gears, remote control systems, and flap rudders. We are the world’s largest manufacturer of rotary vane steering gears. These are designed for ease of installation with the advantage of providing higher rudder angles than conventional piston-type steering machines.

We provide provides two types of flap rudder – designed to suit different speed ranges. Both utilise an active trailing flap to increase the rudder’s net effect - in the same way that ailerons operate on aircraft wings.

To enhance manoeuvring, Rolls-Royce Kamewa tunnel thrusters use CPPs or FPPs with highly skewed blades for low noise and vibration.

Our medium-speed Bergen engine portfolio includes units for mechanical or diesel electric propulsion as well as for auxiliary power generation with outputs from 1-9MW. Gas-fuelled engines are also available.

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