Container vessels

Container vessels

Customised solutions

In terms of cargo ship deck machinery, we offer a range of anchoring and mooring systems. The range are of modular design - allow proven, reliable and customised solutions to be supplied for individual anchoring and mooring system applications.

The power source can be electric, low-pressure hydraulic or high-pressure hydraulic depending on your requirement. Also available is a range of active fin stabilisers suitable for a wide range of commercial vessels including ferries and container vessels.

Controlled passive U-type tanks and other specialised roll reduction and heel compensation systems are also available.

Over the past 30 years, ships from our NVC-Design portfolio have established a worldwide reputation across a broad range of types including:

  • ro-ro ships
  • container ships
  • car carriers
  • reefers
  • product and chemical tankers
  • newsprint carriers and…
  • other specialist tonnage.

The Rolls-Royce MT30 gas turbine is part of the Trent family and is currently the world’s most powerful marine gas turbine. The MT30 is available for service in mechanical or electrical genset applications and with a power rating of 36MW (ISO, no loss).

Application areas include LNG carriers and fast freighters.

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