Rolls-Royce equipment is available for cargo vessels of all types and sizes. A complete package of equipment or individual products can be supplied, which range from automation systems and steering gear to the complete propulsion and manoeuvring system.

Container vesselsContainer vessels

Rolls-Royce equipment has been selected for a wide range of container vessels …


Rolls-Royce equipment is suitable for the small coastal product tanker, mid sized shuttle tankers to the largest Very Large Crude Carrier’s (VLCCs) …

RoRo vesselsRoRo vessels

Rolls-Royce provides marine solutions for effective transportation of cargo to wherever you choose to do your business …

LNG carriersLNG Carriers

A broad range of Rolls-Royce equipment is suitable for all sizes of LNG carriers …

High-speed vesselsHigh-speed vessels

A significant number of the world's advanced fast vessels are powered by Rolls-Royce - Kamewa waterjets and controllable pitch propellers …

Systems designs are developed in close co-operation with the customer to ensure the optimum solution for the application.

A range of equipment is available for these vessels:

Rolls-Royce provides marine solutions for effective transportation of cargo to wherever you choose to do your business. It's simply the key to efficient cargo carrying.

Our technical expertise and decades of experience in designing and developing cargo vessels in close collaboration with our customers are the keys to our cost-efficient ship designs.

Rolls-Royce is a major supplier of propulsion, manoeuvring and motion control systems for cargo carriers. Our systems are characterised by highest efficiency and performance, low noise, low vibrations, easy installation, maintenance and long-term reliability. Advantages that will make you stay ahead of competition.

Rolls-Royce also provides a broad spectre of winch systems for cargo vessels, from the roughest and most severe conditions on the open cargo deck to the smoother environment below deck.

The Rolls-Royce engines for cargo carriers derive from our ability to focus on and respond to the needs of the cargo ship market.

Rolls-Royce technology meets your requirements in terms of power, life-cycle costs and future environmental requirements. It all adds up to reliable performance, long-term durability and easy operation.

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