The merchant sector covers the cargo, passenger and luxury yacht industry as well as tugs and smaller workboats.

Tugs and workboatsTugs & workboats

Rolls-Royce propulsion systems and Aquamaster thrusters are specified for tugs all over the world and provide outstanding performance and manoeuvrability...


Rolls-Royce serves the cruise and ferry industry with innovative and high performance design and systems solutions…


A complete package of equipment or individual products can be supplied, which range from automation systems and steering gear to the complete propulsion and manoeuvring system…


Rolls-Royce propulsion, manoeuvring and motion control systems open the way for new thinking in the design of large yachts…


Smaller coastal ferries are benefiting from the latest environmentally friendly Bergen gas engines and the largest fast ferries, advances in Rolls-Royce Kamewa waterjet design …

The technical expertise of Rolls-Royce and decades of experience in designing and developing cargo and passenger vessels in close collaboration with our customers are the keys to our cost-efficient and innovative designs.

Rolls-Royce is one of the largest and foremost suppliers of tailored propulsion and manoeuvring systems, winches and engines to the demanding merchant industry worldwide.

The optimised solutions we supply derive from our ability to focus on - and respond to the needs of our customers. This results in optimised designs, long-term reliability and functionality, customised to each vessel.

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