Stern trawlers

Stern Trawlers

Rough seas and strong gales are part of the normal working day on board stern trawlers. The NVC-Design for these vessels is based on a particularly stable hull, which is often ice-strengthened, simplifying operation under the toughest conditions, resulting in productive working days.


  • Optimum pull and low running costs
  • Low noise and vibration allows better rest for crew
  • Optimum freeboard and working conditions
  • Excellent seafood quality maintained
  • Model tank testing for optimal hull/propulsion integration
  • Low lifecycle costs

NVC-Designs are tailored to give optimum pull and low running costs, both during trawling and at normal speed. The vessel can be arranged for hydraulic or electric machinery, depending on your requirements.

Excellent seafood quality is secured through the arrangement of the production line. Vessels are custom-made with the most modern and automatic fishing and processing equipment available.

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