Pelagic trawlers

Pelagic Trawlers

Quality catches really do pay. NVC-Design purse seiners and pelagic trawlers are designed with focus on speed. Bringing in catches of herring and mackerel, for example, and transporting them quickly and effectively to market ensures greater profitability for your business.


  • Optimum pull and low running costs
  • Low noise and vibration allows better rest for crew
  • Optimum freeboard and working conditions
  • Excellent seafood quality maintained
  • Model tank testing for optimal hull/propulsion integration
  • Low lifecycle costs

One of the key design criteria is an optimised hull to provide high speed and low fuel consumption. We also put great emphasis on first-class interaction between the propulsion system and hull to provide the greatest pulling capacity possible.

Our own in-house manufacturing of propulsion systems always means unique, tailored solutions for vessels.

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