Oceanographic survey vessels

Our long experience in fishing vessel design and multipurpose offshore vessels means that we are capable of designing state-of-the-art ocean research vessels.

These multifunction vessels are designed for tasks including deep-sea ROV and AUV operations, fishing and a variety of scientific research operations, e.g. within seismology, geology and marine biology.


  • Reduced in-water noise
  • ROV and AUV operations
  • Seabed operations (6500m)
  • DP services
  • Bottom coring and water sampling
  • Seismic and trawling

The hull is designed for optimal fuel economy and minimised slamming risk. Close attention is also paid to interaction between the hull design and propellers to moderate in-water noise sources.

On board, noise and vibration levels are effectively minimised by diesel electric systems consisting of double resiliently mounted diesel generator sets.

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