The NVC-Design for longliners or combined longliner/gilnet vessels is developed to provide optimal fuel consumption, fish handling and working conditions.

Longliners spend a lot of time at sea. This is why each hull undergoes extensive testing in model tanks to ensure maximum speed and sea-keeping, tailored to your specifications.


  • Low life-cyle costs
  • Low noise and vibration allows better rest for crew
  • Optimum freeboard and working conditions
  • Line-hauling through moonpool gives safer working conditions
  • Model tank testing for optimal hull/propulsion integration
  • Underwater line-setting prevents injuries to wildlife

An intense focus on safety and low noise and vibration levels has rightly earned the NVC-Design acclaim for optimal and safe working conditions on board.

We also design longliners with a moonpool for line hauling. The intention to ensure a safe working environment during rough seas - aiding the recovery of more fish when compared to traditional longlining.

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