Stern trawlersStern trawlers

The NVC-Design for these vessels is based on a particularly stable hull, which is often ice-strengthened.

Pelagic trawlersPelagic trawlers

NVC-Design purse seiners and pelagic trawlers are therefore designed with the focus on speed


The NVC-Design for longliners or combined longliner/gilnet vessels is developed to provide optimal fuel consumption, fish handling and working conditions

Oceanographic survey vesselsOceanographic survey vessels

Long experience in fishing vessel design and multipurpose offshore vessels, means that Rolls-Royce is capable of designing state-of-the-art ocean research vessels.

The complete solution

In the Merchant sector we have considerable experience in propulsion, manoeuvring systems, and deck machinery including specialised winches - delivering a complete solution for design and equipment systems.

Our fishing vessel designs, equipment and systems draw on years of tradition and experience. Innovations continue to be introduced to improve the efficiency of fishing operations, including new ship designs, winch systems, propulsion and manoeuvring installations.

Propulsion and manoeuvring systems are available as fully integrated packages from a single-source supplier.

Integrated steering system packages

These can include rotary vane steering gear, remote control system, and high-lift rudders. Tenfjord Rotary-vane steering gears have been specially developed for small-medium sized ships, and can be delivered as a plug-in unit with hydraulic pumps mounted on the rudder actuator.


Our medium speed Bergen diesel engine portfolio comprises a range of established and newly developed Bergen models for main propulsion and auxiliary power generation with outputs from 1-8MW.

The Bergen B32:40, producing 500kW per cylinder, and the Bergen C25:33 of 300kW per cylinder are well-established in the marketplace.

Deck machinery

Our complete range of Rolls-Royce winches for fishing vessels, includes direct driven trawl and purse seiner winches of more than 70 tonne pull, as well as frequency controlled AC electric driven winches.

Complete winch systems are available for most kinds of fishing vessels above 28 metres. All systems are delivered with Synchro RT Auto Trawl Systems.

More than 110 fishing vessels have been produced or ordered to our NVC Design over the past 25 years. Many vessels have been arctic shrimp trawlers, complemented by wet fish and factory trawlers, seiners, longliners amongst other types.

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