The development underpins our strategy, as we work closely with you to develop innovative, value-added solutions to meet your every requirement.

We have University Technology Centres (UTCs) in the UK, Norway, Sweden and Korea, establishing new capabilities such as computational fluid dynamic modelling of waterflow and behaviour around propellers, waterjets and ships hulls. This allows us to design propellers with reduced cavitation and higher efficiencies.

Wave piercing technology

Wave piercing technology is a well-proven concept for high-speed catamarans and trimarans; now, Rolls-Royce is bringing the benefits of this type of hullform to the offshore market with the new UT 790 CD design.

In a wave piercer, the hull 'pierces' through the water rather than riding on top of waves, allowing the vessel to run, in theory, continuously at service speeds regardless of sea state, at the same time reducing fuel consumption and improving crew comfort.

Read more about design and technology

Hydrodynamic research centre

Rolls-Royce has its own hydrodynamic research centre in Kristinehamn, Sweden where detailed evaluation of new propellers and waterjet designs is undertaken in two cavitation tunnels. The conventional closed recirculating tunnel tests propellers in open water and offers maximum flexibility for various propeller/ship afterbody tests.

The second tunnel, one of the few free-surface type tunnels in existence, is used for testing high-speed propellers operating in partially submerged conditions, in parallel or oblique flow. The tunnels optimise propulsive efficiency and minimise noise and vibration. Over 1,200 models of sub, semi, and super-cavitating propellers have been tested to-date.

Engine testing

Development and testing of our diesel and gas engines is undertaken at our engine manufacturing facility in Bergen, Norway. The latest Bergen K gas engine produces up to 90 per cent less NOx emissions than traditional diesel engines. This technology is a major step forward in delivering reliable, clean power - and reducing the environmental impact of our products.

Flexible manufacturing facilities

We continue to invest in our global production facilities to meet the increasing volume requirements and to cope with anticipated variable demands.

Our aim is to deliver total satisfaction today while thinking ahead to deliver the intelligent marine solutions of tomorrow.

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