About Marine

Rolls-Royce is committed to the marine market and maintaining its world leading position in the design, development, supply and support of products and systems for commercial and naval customers worldwide.

[Image] Bergensfjord is one of several ferries now operating in Norway, powered by Rolls-Royce gas engines.Environmental solutions

Read about our continued investment in the technologies for more efficient and environmentally sustainable power and propulsion systems.

Marine innovationInnovation

Find out more about how we are working closely with customers to develop innovative and value-added solutions.

Marine market sectorsMarket sectors

Read about our capabilities and expertise in merchant, naval, submarines and offshore markets.

Marine historyMarine history

Rolls-Royce can trace its roots in the marine industry back as far as 1831. Read more about how the marine business has grown.

With a primary focus on power, propulsion and motion control solutions, Rolls-Royce serves over 4,000 customers and has equipment installed on 30,000 vessels operating around the world.

Our extensive product base and proven experience in both ship design and systems integration, enables Rolls-Royce to bring the right products together to develop the systems that meet the performance requirements.

Customer focus is maintained through our four business units that address specific market segments - Merchant, Naval, Offshore and Submarines. A global support network underpins all activities and ensures contracts can be undertaken, and Rolls-Royce support is at hand anywhere in the world.

A strong focus on research and development has seen Rolls-Royce become the pioneer of many important marine technologies that include; aero derivative marine gas turbines, controllable pitch propellers and waterjets.

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