Shareholder events

1. What are the key events for shareholders each year?

Our year-end is 31 December and we generally follow this timetable each year:

  • January – We make an interim payment to shareholders by issuing C Shares
  • February – We announce preliminary results and declare a final payment to shareholders
  • April / May – We hold the AGM and issue an interim management statement
  • Early July – We make a final payment to shareholders by issuing C Shares
  • Late July – We announce half-yearly results and declare an interim payment to shareholders
  • November – We issue a further interim management statement

Full details can be found in our Events calendar.

2. Can I attend shareholder meetings?

Every year, you will be invited to attend the Rolls-Royce Holdings plc annual general meeting (AGM). If there is a particularly important matter to decide that cannot wait until the next AGM, shareholders may be invited to an extraordinary general meeting.

3. When is the next AGM?

Find out more about the company's AGM including the resolutions passed at the Company's last AGM.

4. What happens at the AGM?

The notice calling the meeting will invite you to attend and vote on important matters such as the adoption of the annual report and the directors’ remuneration report and the reappointment of directors and auditors. Shareholders will be given a presentation on the company’s performance and prospects, and will have the opportunity to ask questions on the resolutions listed in the AGM Notice.

5. What if I am unable to attend the AGM?

f you are unable to attend any general meeting of the Company, you can appoint someone to attend and vote on your behalf (known as your ‘proxy)’. Your proxy can be any person you choose. However, if you appoint the ‘chairman of the meeting’ you can be certain that your votes will be counted on any poll as the meeting cannot proceed without a chairman present. You can instruct your proxy to cast your vote on each resolution according to your specific instructions, or else leave the vote at his or her discretion.

You can appoint a proxy by completing and returning the form that will be sent to you before the meeting. You will also be given instructions as to how to record your vote electronically using the internet.

6. How are the votes counted?

Generally, all substantive resolutions are decided on a poll, meaning that each shareholder, present in person or by proxy, has one vote for every ordinary share owned. C Shares generally do not carry the right to vote except in very limited circumstances.

The proxy votes and those cast in person at the meeting are counted by the Registrar and checked by independent scrutineers. The results of all poll votes are published on the AGM page.