Training designed to deliver the skills you need Energy training
Training designed to deliver the skills you need Energy training
Training designed to deliver the skills you need Energy training
Training designed to deliver the skills you need Energy training
  • Safety
    Competent people, a critical safety factor
    When safety is paramount exceptional training becomes critical.  Our training delivers specialist knowledge  and subject understanding allowing safer decisions to be made.
  • Cost
    Grow skills, reduce time, control costs
    Establishing the correct skills within your organisation will deliver reduced disruption, on time delivery and reduced costs.
    The skills you need for power on demand
    Supporting both power generation and oil and gas customers we provide training for aero derivative gas turbines and ancillary equipment across a globally installed base.  We can deliver training at the customers point of need in response to specific requirements.
  • Advantage
    Our training is provided by experienced instructors with access to Rolls-Royce subject matter experts and engineering facilities across the globe.
  • RB211
  • Trent
  • Avon
  • 501
  • Driven Equipment
  • Controls
  • Consultancy
    The end-to-end service

    As specialist in our field we can assist with the identification of your training needs.  Rolls-Royce has a wide range of Learning and Development opportunities in addition to our portfolio of product based training.  We can work with you from Training Needs Analysis to solution evaluation and beyond to ensure your skills mix and distribution if capable.
  • Tailoring
    Rapid development of bespoke training
    Existing product training courses can be tailored to meet your organisations specific operational requirements.  Our courses are modular in design and driven by learning objectives throughout.
  • Design & Development
    Through the passage of time changes occur either with equipment, operational practices or staff.  Excellent training in a timely manner is key.  As the original equipment manufacturer and system integrator of major items we are familiar with this challenge.
    We can design, develop and deliver training on existing and new products, support systems and to address specific operational issues.

Flexible methods and locations

  • Locations
    Training courses can be delivered either at one of the global Rolls-Royce training centres, local to your equipment at a commercial venue or at the location of the installed equipment (either on shore or offshore).  Our regional training teams are headquartered in our Warwick offices in the UK with a supporting regionalised structure placing the professionals you need close to your operation.
  • Methods
    Our training courses comprise a carefully engineered blend of classroom instruction, computer based technologies and practical work.