Rolls-Royce Distributed Generation Systems offer true through-life support Distributed generation systems

Rolls-Royce provides comprehensive repair and overhaul services, for both Rolls-Royce equipment as well as third party diesels, generating sets and powertrain equipment.

Recognised as a leading company in the industry, our skilled engineers and technicians focus on maximising availability of equipment for customers.

An example of Rolls-Royce leading service provision is the award winning programme for the support of Deltic diesel engines for the Royal Navy's Hunt class mine countermeasures vessels. This innovative, performance-based contract covers repair and overhaul of the engines and associated spare parts on a 'provision of power' basis.

Efficiency and service life extension services

Rolls-Royce also provides advice and re-engineering solutions that focus on specific aspects of third party in-service equipment which, although may be performing acceptably, may not be providing the most efficient or effective performance for customers.

We have excellent references which demonstrate this capability, for example with Challenger 2 main battle tank auxiliary power units for the British Army and with the Deltic propulsion engine for the Royal Navy's mine countermeasures vessel (MCMV) fleet.

Whether you need to reduce operating costs, improve reliability, obtain increased power from within a given space, extend the operational envelope, lifetime or even horizons of existing equipment, on time with certainty and cost-efficiency, you can have confidence in Rolls-Royce.

Such drawbacks in performance may not be sufficient to justify full replacement and in these cases re-engineering can prove an ideal, cost-effective solution, but only when underpinned with the confidence that performance of the re-engineered system will meet all expectations.

Just one way of adding value to our customers, Rolls-Royce Distributed Generation Systems can offer true through-life support for its products via a comprehensive range of services.

Rolls-Royce will formulate customer-specified packages in parallel with the engineering concept phase and further refined through the engineering phase using reliability and maintainability data.

With up-front understanding of the support requirements, supportability can be engineered into the product, providing customers with the lowest overall costs of ownership.

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