Rolls-Royce 501


Available for power generation and mechanical drive applications, the 501 has accumulated over 87 million hours of operation with more than 500 customers in 53 countries. This compact design delivers high efficiency, easy maintenance and outstanding reliability.

Based on proven aeroderivative design the 501-K gas generator offers rugged, easy to maintain performance due to features such as auxiliary equipment.

The Dry Low Emissions system introduced on the 501-K series of gas turbines, utilizes premixed lean burn combustion technology that is applied to the six axially aligned combustion cans to significantly reduce emissions.

The system limits exhaust gas emissions to less than 25 volumetric parts per million (vppm) NOx, 50 vppm CO and 20 vppm UHC while operating on natural gas at full load. 

Power Generation
501-K Variant501-KB5S501-KB7S501-KH5*
Gross Electrical PowerkWe3,8975,2456,447
Gross Heat RatekJ/kWe-hr12,39311,4458,971
Gross Efficiency%29.031.540.1
Shaft Speedrpm14,20014,60014,600
Exhaust Flowkg/sec15.421.118.4
Exhaust Temperature°C560498530
Mechanical Drive
501-K Variant501-KC5501-KC7
Shaft Powershp5,5007,200
Shaft Heat RateBtu/shp-hr8,4957,934
Shaft Efficiency%30.032.2
Shaft Speedrpm13,60013,600
Exhaust Flowkg/sec15.520.8
Exhaust Temperature°C571514

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