Rolls-Royce barrel centrifugal compressors are found in a variety of natural gas compression applications.

Installations range from single units to multiple-unit trains, driven by gas turbines or electric motors. Complete systems for onshore or offshore are designed, manufactured, installed and supported by Rolls-Royce.

Available in four standard frame sizes, our multi-stage barrel compressors provide the oil and gas industry with natural gas gathering, re-injection, lift, depletion, storage/withdrawal and re-pressurisation solutions.

Barrel compressors are the preferred choice for high pressure ratios and the lower flow rates experienced in these applications.

Standard configurations are available up to 4500 psig (310 bar) maximum working pressures and up to 35,500 acfm (60,300 m³/h) flows.

Power ratings range from 35,000 to 75,000 hp (26,100 to 56,000 kW) at design speeds from 3,500 to 13,800 rpm.

Six different models of pipeline compressors are offered with a choice of axial or conventional opposed inlets. Aerospace assembly techniques provide ease of maintenance with full removal causing no disturbance to the main piping.

Pipeline compressors are the preferred choice for the large flow rates required by natural gas transmission applications.

Our pipeline compressor aerodynamic performance has been refined to the point where conventional side inlet compressors offer up to 89 per cent polytropic efficiency and the axial inlet RFA36 achieves up to 91 per cent. Each compressor receives custom aerodynamic engineering of the entire gas path.

With flange sizes ranging from 508mm (20 inches) to 1067mm (42 inches) our conventional side inlet pipeline compressors can accommodate up to five stages of compression although only one or two stages are usually required for pipeline transmission duty.

The axial inlet RFA36 is the most efficient pipeline compressor in service featuring horizontal discharge and a single-stage, spherically shaped cast casing. Compact and rugged, the RFA36 weighs only two-thirds as much as a conventional pipeline compressor.