Diesel engines

Diesel engines

Liquid fuel burning engine ideal as power for remote regions

Rolls-Royce B32:40V12P

Diesel engines

The Bergen B32:40 diesel engine is a result of continually improved technology, material and our customer' valuable experience. It is the tomorrows' solution today. The Bergen B32:40 is a powerful and reliable diesel engine based on traditional diesel strengths, which always has been evident in our well proven BR- and BV models. All major components are designed for long, trouble-free operation and good accessibility provides easy overhaul.

The state-of-the-art-technology provides high fuel efficiency, ensuring an engine that meets requirements with respect to power, reliability, life-cycle cost and the environment.

The Bergen B32:40 engines give outputs from 2,525 – 7,055 kWe with 6,8 and 9 cylinders in-line configuration or 12 and 16 cylinders in V-configuration.

The Bergen C25:33 family, launched in 2002, exploits more than 60 years experience in the 250mm bore segment, and is based on modular design to deliver a truly modern engine that is compliant with World Bank emissions regulations.

It has a track record of very low life cycle costs and is designed for long service intervals. The engine is also simple to maintain. The liner, piston, (Inc upper con rod) and cylinder head can be replaced as a single unit, without disturbing the big end bearing, saving users a lot of time and money.

The C25:33 is available in 6, 8 and 9 cylinder versions with power from 1,685 to 2,525 kWe @ 900rpm and from 1,755 to 2,630 kWe at 1000rpm.