We supply gas turbines,
compressors and diesel power
units to customers in over 80
countries worldwide.
We supply gas turbines, compressors and diesel power units to customers in over 80 countries worldwide.


We supply customers with aero-derivative gas turbines, compressors and related services.

Oil and Gas

Our products help to ensure that the earth's finite oil and gas resources are used in the most efficient way possible.

We have more than 65 million hours of operating experience in oil and gas applications, 1,700 systems worldwide and over 650 units sold for offshore platform service.

Our gas turbines provide the power that enables oil platforms to operate in some of the most hostile and remote locations of the world, for example in temperatures ranging from -50°C in Canada and Russia in the winter, to +50°C in Africa and the Middle East in summer.

Our compressor technology transports oil and gas across continents to where it is needed most. We have over 900 pipeline compressors installed on 35 pipelines in 24 countries operating with industry leading efficiency. We also have over 700 barrel-type centrifugal compressors operating in various natural gas and process applications.

Civil nuclear

We provide products and services spanning the nuclear reactor life-cycle from concept design and installation to obsolescence management and plant life extension. We have a strong position in nuclear instrumentation and control systems. Find out more about our Nuclear business

Power Generation

We are a growing supplier to the utility and distributed power generation sectors.

Our family of gas turbine generating sets provides a broad plant range to address today's distributed energy environment, from 4MWe to 64MWe, while our reciprocating gas engine generating sets cover the 2MWe to 9.3MWe range.

Our operating experience with industrial gas turbines exceeds 170 million hours and many of our products are delivering reduced levels of emissions - the results of our unique dry low emissions combustion system.

Our technology solutions ensure reliable, dependable and flexible electricity supplies are met efficiently, without comprising emissions performance.