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Rolls-Royce is a global leader in marine propulsion for the cruise, fast vessel, naval and offshore markets and a world leader in ship design for the offshore sector. Rolls-Royce equipment is installed on over 30,000 vessels, including those of 70 navies, representing a major opportunity for services growth.

The prestigious manufacturers brought together under the umbrella of Rolls-Royce Marine, such as Kamewa, Ulstein, Aquamaster, Brattvaag, Rauma and Brown Brothers, have succeeded through a continuous focus on research and innovation in developing many important technologies for modern shipping in the 20th century, including waterjet propulsion and controllable pitch propellers.

In the shipping market, Rolls-Royce primarily serves customers from the merchant shipping, naval and offshore segments. In this market too, the Group is one of the world’s leaders in shipbuilding: to date over 600 ocean-going ships in the UT-Design series have been launched.

Proximity to the German customers is guaranteed through employees of Rolls-Royce Marine Deutschland GmbH. These teams are committed to providing the optimal support, supply and customer service for the entire product range.

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