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Reliability, Integrity and Innovation are our core values, our way of life and the way we operate at Rolls-Royce.

Rolls-Royce Deutschland is an active player in the community. Our primary focus is on the areas of education, art and culture, environment and charitable projects. Support is offered in the form of donations, the active involvement of our staff, sponsorship and donations in kind.

The wide range of educational projects that Rolls-Royce in Germany is involved in promotes the areas of science, engineering and technology and is intended above all to generate an interest in technology amongst schoolchildren. Rolls-Royce apprentices are involved in some of these initiatives as part of their training.

The company’s educational activities include the following:

  • Work placements for schoolchildren
  • Regular lectures at German universities that include many insights into practical applications
  • Design of a complete engine compartment at the Dahme-Spreewald Technical College in Berlin, Schoenfeld by Rolls-Royce Deutschland apprentices as part of a project lasting over 6 months.

Rolls-Royce in Germany already supports schools in raising interest in technical careers among children and schoolchildren early on. Examples of such projects include the following:

  • Girls’ Day: action day initiated by German industry with the aim of getting more women interested in technical careers in industry.
  • VDI – technology in schools: schoolchildren are familiarised with technical problems with the aid of mobile laboratory boxes.
  • Rolls-Royce supports the Brandenburg Technical University of Cottbus (BTU Cottbus) with an experimental laboratory for schoolchildren (“UnEx”).
  • Cooperation agreement with Humboldt Grammar School in Potsdam

This selection covers just a few examples from a vast number of projects which in the long term are intended to provide active support to the community. Investment in the common good is an important element of the way we manage our company. It is also intended to support the strategy and future successes of the company.

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