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About Rolls-Royce in Germany

Rolls-Royce in GermanyRolls-Royce in Germany

Rolls-Royce Deutschland is Germany's only fully certified engine manufacturer with complete systems capability for the design, production and after-sales support of modern civil and military turbine engines.

Customers, suppliers & partners thumbnailCustomers, suppliers & partners

Operating in four business sectors, we work with a broad range of customers, suppliers and partners


Rolls-Royce in Germany has a significant involvement in German and European technology programmes to develop even more environmentally friendly engines.

Training at Rolls-RoyceTraining

Cleared for takeoff! – Training and dual mode degree programme at Rolls-Royce Deutschland

Approvals and certificatesApprovals and certificates

The following certificates authorize Rolls-Royce Deutschland to design, manufacture and maintain airworthy engines, parts and engine modules.

Orpheus engine, 1959Heritage

Rolls-Royce enjoys relationships with German companies and public agencies that extend back for over 90 years.

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