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Technical services

As a result of the work we do in the development and production of power plants for the aerospace industry, we have developed a range of specialist services which we offer to a wide range of customers in the manufacturing industry. These include: Thermal Paint, Sensitive Paint, Telemetry, Metrology, Instrumentation, Data Analysis, Measurement Solutions, Mechanical Testing, Metallography, NDT Testing, NDT Analysis, Dimensional Measurement and Technical Trainings.

Thermal paint technology

Thermal paints are temperature-sensitive coatings used to identify and measure peak surface temperature values.

Sensitive paints for component analysis

With this new procedure it is possible to carry out a two-dimensional thermal or pressure analysis much more quickly than before.

Telemetry applications

With our telemetry modules, torque, pressure, vibration and temperature data can be measured and transmitted remotely.

Test instrumentation and calibration

A number of workshop-calibrated sensors and also measuring systems for the measurement of pressure, temperature, expansion, vibration and angles are available for measurement programmes carried out either by customers themselves or by Rolls-Royce measurement specialists.


Applications using strain gauges, high-temperature strain gauges, pressure measuring points, temperature measuring points and individual sensors on rotating and static components that may be exposed to temperatures of up to 1000ºC.

Measurement and data analysis

We offer a wide range of recording and analysis options in the area of recording and analysing dynamic measurement data, for example, pressure, temperature, expansion and vibration.

Measurement solutions

We view every measurement problem as a challenge, as it may entail developing new procedures and achieving innovative results.

Mechanical testing

LCF testing on axial thread samples up to 1150ºC (RT ±70kN, 1150ºC ±15kN).


Scanning electron microscopic work and energy dispersive X-ray (EDX) analysis.

Equipment cleaning and non-destructive (NDT) crack detection

Descaling, degreasing and corrosion protection on components from titanium, aluminium and nickel alloys, also special steels.

NDT Sensitive magnetic field measurements

Magnetic Remanence Method (MRM), Low Frequency Eddy Current Testing (LFEC), Thermoelectric Method with Magnetic Readout (TEM).

Dimensional measurement

Calibration and measurement according to DIN ISO 9001, JAR 21JA, JAR 145, JAR 21-G and FAR 145.

Technical training and other services

We offer a range of technical training courses and other services for our customers e.g. boroscoping, quality management, auditor training, air traffic law.

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