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Subsidiary undertakings

MTOC Dahlewitz – Mechanical Test Operations Centre

The Rolls-Royce Group‘s test centre for mechanical and structural evaluation of gas turbine components during the development, production and in-service phases

  • Size: approx. 7,000 sqm
  • Investment: more than €60 million
  • Approximately 70 highly skilled jobs to be created
  • Start of construction: November 2008. Start of operation: Beginning of 2010
  • Test capabilities concentrated in one global test centre
  • Spectrum of capabilities (over 40 different tests): e.g. fan-blade-off-test, bird ingestion test, spin test, fatigue test, vibration test, material test

N3EOS – N3 Engine Overhaul Services, Arnstadt

N3 Engine Overhaul Services GmbH & Co. KG is a joint venture between the Lufthansa Technik AG and Rolls-Royce plc. The company, which has its headquarters in Arnstadt, Thuringia, was founded in 2003 and took its newly erected plant into operation at the beginning of April 2007.

In its function as an engine overhauling company, N3 services the Rolls-Royce engines of the types Trent 500, Trent 700, and Trent 900.These power the airbus models A340, A330 and A380. Up to 500 highly-qualified jobs will be created at the N3 plant in Erfurt’s industrial estate. The total capacity of the company, for which the German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel had laid the foundation stone in May 2006, is ca. 200 large-scale engines a year.

N3 Engine Overhaul Services is one of the most modern overhauling facilities in the whole world. The factory building is 25,000m² in area. The name N3 is a pointer to the engine construction, typical for Rolls-Royce, with three shafts that rotate at a different number of revolutions.

Further information: www.n3eos.com

Anecom Aerotest GmbH, Wildau

Since its foundation in 2002, AneCom AeroTest GmbH has continuously developed into a worldwide leading supplier in the field of aerodynamic and acoustic tests.

Rolls-Royce Deutschland holds a 24.9 per cent share in the AneCom AeroTest GmbH which offers

The company offers a broad spectrum of engineering and testing services for aero-thermal components such as compressor, combustion chamber and turbine as well as performance and sound tests on fan components

Further information: www.anecom.de

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