MissionCare™ is the Rolls-Royce services offering for Defence Aerospace customers.

There are many ways to solve a problem. MissionCare™ utilises a collaborative approach with customers, to jointly develop solutions based around customer values.

By sharing experience and perspective, the team is able to construct a solution which is optimised against its requirements.

To ensure that the benefits of working together are maximised, the team approach continues during the period of the MissionCare™ service provision.

The MissionCare™ approach, combining teaming with the customer, innovative, tailored solutions and expert integration provides significant customer benefits.

  • Reducing complexity and administrative burden
  • Providing budget predictability
  • Transferring support responsibility to industry
  • Allowing Customers to focus on core operations
  • Enhancing asset utilisation
  • Proactively meeting Customers’ needs
  • Focusing on life cycle costs

These benefits are a proven capability demonstrated in many contracts with the UK Ministry of Defence, US Department of Defence and others.

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