M250 Turboshaft

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The Rolls-Royce M250 engine is the leading powerplant in its class worldwide. First certified at a rating of 317 shp, continuous improvement programs have increased the latest variant’s rating to 715 shp.

To date the M250 engine family has accumulated:

  • More than 31,000 engines produced, with 16,000 in service

  • More than 220 million flight hours logged to date

  • More than 170 helicopter and fixed-wing applications in both civil and military markets

M250 engine variants power aircraft in civil and defence markets in applications supporting EMS, air tour, utility, scout, and unmanned surveillance.

The M250 product line enjoys continuous integration of advanced turbine engine technology making the M250 the most reliable, cost effective and durable engine in the world. In addition its proud heritage, the engine is backed by a worldwide authorised repair and overhaul network. M250 customers can expect freedom of support anywhere.

The new Value Improvement Package (VIP kit) gives Series IV operators a post-production option to improve performance by five percent. A Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) upgrade program will also deliver improved capability and reliability.

The M250 turboshaft engines are of two-shaft modular design featuring a two-stage LP turbine, two-stage HP turbine, and a gearbox with 6,000rpm output. Compressed air is routed to the aft end of the engine for combustion, with exhaust gases exit from the middle.

The Series II features four to six-stage axial and single-stage centrifugal compressors with a hydromechanical fuel control system. The larger Series IV family is identical in layout, but has a single-stage centrifugal rather than an axial/centrifugal compressor.



M250-C20R Series

M250-C30 Series

3 Series

Power (shp)

420 (313)

450 (336)

650 (485)

651 (485)

Pressure ratio





Length (in)

40.809 (1.037)

40.809 (1.037)

42.949 (1.091)

42.949 (1.091)

Diameter (in)

23.196 (0.589)

23.196 (0.589)

24.810 (0.630)

24.810 (0.630)

Basic weight (lb)

161 (73)

173 (78.5)

248 (112.5)

274 (124)


6A +1CF

4A + 1CF




2HP, 2PT

2HP, 2PT

2HP, 2PT

2HP, 2PT


Bell 206, Bell 407, Bell 430, MD500, MD520N, MD530, MD600, Sikorsky 333 & 434, Kiowa Warrior OH-58D, Boeing AH/MH-6, Enstrom 480B, GBA Hawk 4T, Kamov Ka-226, PZL SW-4, Northrop Grumman RQ-8A, Fire Scout

Rolls-Royce provides extensive service training for the full range of M250 engines. Hands-on sessions are coupled with self-paced, computer-based training, supported by knowledgeable instructors. Training enables operators to perform maintenance, inspection, troubleshooting and ground checkout on the entire family of M250 engines.

Classes are offered in Indianapolis, Indiana and various locations around the world. For schedules, costs and additional information see our training section.

The M250 FIRST network provides an opportunity to choose your support from one of the 43 authorised facilities and is the most diverse gas turbine engine support network in existence today.

Visit www.m250first.com for a full listing of the authorised repair and overhaul facilities worldwide.