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The BR710 is part of the BR700 family to which the BR715 for Regional Jet application also belongs. Both engine family members use the highly efficient BR700 engine core, suitable for high cyclic operation with thrusts between 14,000 lbf and 23,000 lbf. All components of the engine are optimized to keep noise and emissions to a minimum.

The BR710 allows operations from hot and/or high airports, and its fuel efficiency supports long mission durations or long-distance flights at high altitudes. Due to their outstanding performance, BR710 powered aircraft have established world records in the field of speed, altitude and range.

The BR710 family powers a range of special mission aircraft developed on Bombardier and Gulfstream business jet platforms. Governments worldwide have selected these aircraft for VIP and Head-of-State missions, benefiting from the BR710’s reliability and performance.

The BR710 engine accomplished its first run in 1994, with its first flight powering the new Gulfstream V (G550) taking place November 1995. Certification was completed in August 1996. The first flight of the Bombardier Global Express took place in October 1996, followed by its specific BR710 engine certification in January 1997.

The BR710 is a 2-shaft, high-bypass-ratio engine with a single-stage low pressure (LP) compressor and 10-stage high pressure (HP) compressor, driven by a 2-stage HP turbine and 2-stage LP turbine respectively. The engine features a single low emissions annular combustor with 20 burners. Long life on wing, low fuel burn and excellent environmental performance contribute to low operating costs with maximum reliability.



Thrust (lbf)


Bypass ratio


Pressure ratio


Length (in)


Diameter (in)


Basic weight (lb)



1LP, 10HP


2HP, 2LP


Gulfstream G500 / G550, Bombardier Global 5000 / 6000

*Technical data (ISA SLS)