Vehicle power units

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Demand for electrical power demands on military vehicles has never been greater and is predicted to continue rising. Proven more-electric technologies place Rolls-Royce at the forefront of vehicle power systems, from auxiliary power units to hybrid-electric drive.

Systems are suitable for a range of platforms and roles, both for future vehicle designs and, importantly, for cost-effective current vehicle upgrades.

Auxiliary power units

Rolls-Royce auxiliary power units (APUs) provide a rugged and reliable source of power for electrical, mechanical or hydraulic systems. APUs operate independently of the vehicle main engine and provide a fuel-efficient method of powering systems, such as cooling and communications, when the vehicle is stationary.

Rolls-Royce APUs are suitable for supporting a range of vehicles and roles from light utility to tactical vehicles and main battle tanks and may be mounted externally or under armour within the vehicle.

Rolls-Royce specialises in compact, lightweight packages for challenging space envelopes, integration with vehicle systems and operation in extreme environments. Systems operate on diesel and JP8 fuels. Options include cyclonic air filtration, remote operation and variable speed systems for optimum fuel efficiency.

Exportable electric power

The most simple of more-electric systems can be provided through the coupling of an efficient, power-dense Rolls-Royce generator to the vehicle engine to provide both exportable and on-board vehicle power. This method of power supply is particularly suited to tactical, expeditionary roles and next generation vehicles with very high on-board power requirements.

Hybrid electric drive

Electric drive systems enable a holistic approach to power generation and management for both the vehicle and its electronic architecture. Hybrid-electric systems provide energy storage to deliver power for on-board systems and to support the engine at peak times.

Replacing a conventional, rigid drive shaft with flexible cables allows a modular and innovative approach to vehicle design. In terms of operational capability and performance, hybrid electric drive systems can increase mobility and acceleration, provide fuel efficiencies, reduce signatures for stealth requirements, and enable 'silent watch' capability.

System characteristics

Series drive: electric hub motors drive wheels, eliminating driveshaft, transmission, torque converter, etc.
Parallel drive: motor and engine coupled drive wheels. The driveshaft is retained providing greater ease of retrofit.

Electric drive technologies

  • Electric and hybrid-electric drive technologies
  • High speed, power-dense electric machines (3,000-100,000 rpm)
  • Power converters
  • Modular power electronics
  • Magnetic bearings  
  • Pulse power supplies
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