Power management & distribution systems

Creating reliable power networks

Product details

Electrical power for land defence applications can be a scarce resource, particularly with the increasing demands of new C4ISR systems. The Rolls-Royce Power Management & Distribution System (PMDS) is a modular range of power distribution units with enhanced safety features to deliver power from generator set to all battlefield applications, and to parallel generators to create field power plants and increase available power.

The NATO standard equipment has been designed to operate in harsh environments and is protected from water and dust with attention to power quality, ease of use and operator protection.

The development of intelligent power management systems allows a more efficient use of vital resources and can help to reduce fuel consumption and increase power availability.

Ease of operation

The equipment comprises distribution units and interconnecting distribution cables, designed for rapid set-up and break-down. Cable ends are terminated with NATO standard plugs and sockets, coded to identify quickly current carrying capacity and cable length.

Operator safety

PMDS modules contain enhanced safety features for maximum protection to personnel, allowing 3 phase and single phase power to be distributed safely with independent overload and short circuit protection at each unit. All modules have the facility for the operator to test the correct operation.

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