Mobile and portable electric power

Product details

Rolls-Royce tactical electric power systems are compact and lightweight, ideal for integration into shelters and containers. Variable speed operation enables excellent fuel efficiency, and power conditioning provides very high quality, clean power, particularly suited to C4ISR applications. Equipment is designed to comply fully with stringent military and environmental specifications.

Generators are highly mobile, diesel-powered and compatible with other NATO and US Army generation and distribution equipment. A modular approach is taken across the range, providing both cost-effective, off-the-shelf solutions between 6 and 40kW and customised options to meet specialised requirements.

For optimum interoperability generators can provide dual frequency and voltage (e.g. 50Hz / 60Hz) and automatically parallel to create flexible power plants with automatic sequencing and synchronisation.

Innovative features include 'stealth' type technology - reduced radar, acoustic and thermal signatures - and user-friendly health and usage monitoring and control systems which provide prognostics and diagnostics, and maintenance and repair schedules

Control and health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS)

Generator control and monitoring equipment provides automatic start/stop sequencing and synchronisation functions. Parameter surveillance, diagnostic routines and maintenance and repair schedules assist in quick and accurate fault diagnosis, prevention and rectification, while data logging functions provide accurate in-service data feedback to inform appropriate engineering and logistics action, assist with mission planning, etc.

Intuitive, easy interfaces give operator instructions.

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