Heli Expo 2014 is under way and Rolls-Royce made several announcements related to services and the second customer for the RR300.

Rolls-Royce to deliver first flight test engine for Scott's - Bell 47
Wednesday, February 26 | Rolls-Royce
Rolls-Royce has signed a multi-engine order with Scott's – Bell 47 and will deliver the first RR300 engine this summer for installation in a flight test aircraft.

Rolls-Royce completes large fleet agreements for M250 customers
Tuesday, February 25 | Rolls-Royce
Rolls-Royce has signed multi-year agreements with four large fleet operators, aimed at enhancing operational support for more than 220 helicopters.

Rolls-Royce enhances support for helicopter engine operators
Monday, February 24 | Rolls-Royce
Rolls-Royce has launched a 24/7 Operations Center for its civil helicopter engines to deliver round-the-clock support for its global customer base. The new Center is the focal point of a series of improvements to the customer experience for helicopter engine operators and fleets, aimed at further enhancing mission success.

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Rolls-Royce has a long-standing presence in Singapore beginning in the 1950’s with the opening of our Singapore office. We’ve powered the Republic of Singapore’s armed forces for more than 40 years, with current aircraft such as the T56 powered C-130 Hercules, and the BR710 powered G550 Gulfstream Airborne Early Warning aircraft. In conjunction with Singaporean industry, ST Aerospace Engines Pte Ltd is a T56 engine Authorised Maintenance Centre.

Regionally, Rolls-Royce engines provide power to armed forces across Asia in all Defence sectors: Transport, Combat, Trainer & Helicopter. We are the largest provider of Defence aero engines in Asia, powering 22% of the regional fleet. Our people work beside our customers every day to deliver excellence.

Find additional information on our presence at the air show: Rolls-Royce at the Singapore Air Show 2014

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Our relationship with the Republic of Korea reaches back more than 45 years. With a strong presence from all four sectors (Civil, Defence, Marine, Energy), Rolls-Royce officially established a regional branch in Seoul in 1992 in tandem with a rise in demand for various business areas and to raise awareness of the Rolls-Royce Group in Korea. Currently we have more than 400 engines in operation or on order with Republic of Korea armed forces.

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BAE Systems, Inc., announced that Rolls-Royce will join the Hawk AJTS team to compete for the US Air Force T-X Program. The Hawk AJTS aircraft will be powered by the Adour Mk951 engine. The Adour engine line has a proven record of success with 8.6 million flight hours, and already powers 200 trainer aircraft in the US Department of Defense fleet.

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Rolls-Royce joins BAE Systems' Hawk AJTS Team to pursue U.S. Air Force T-X contract
Thursday, 12 September 2013 | BAE Systems, Inc.
BAE Systems, Inc. and Rolls-Royce today announced that Rolls-Royce is joining the Hawk Advanced Jet Training System (AJTS) team as an exclusive partner to compete for the U.S. Air Force’s T-X Program.

Visit the HAWK AJTS websiteLink opens in a new window to learn more about the T-X ‘Air Force Ready’ solution.

Download: Adour Mk951 brochure Link opens in a new window  

Rolls-Royce has significantly increased the power available in the AE 1107 engine, enhancing ‘hot and high’ capability for V-22 operators, and additional power growth is on the way.

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Rolls-Royce boots power for V-22 engines
Monday, September 16 | Defense News
Engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce has increased the power output of its V-22 Osprey engine by 17 percent, a significant jump that should boost the reliability of the tilt-rotor aircraft in high-altitude, high-heat conditions, according to a company official.

Rolls-Royce receives FAA Certification for the T56 Series 3.5 Engine Enhancement Package with US Air Force qualification on track for approval by the end of 2013. The engine enhancement will significantly improve fuel efficiency and the Air Force has estimated fuel and reliability savings at $2 billion. 

Rolls-Royce T56 engine enhancement receives FAA Type Certification
Tuesday, 17 September 2013 | Rolls-Royce
Rolls-Royce has received an FAA Type Certificate for the T56 engine enhancement program, a technology improvement that will significantly reduce fuel consumption, and could save the US Air Force billions of dollars and extend the life of its C-130H transport fleet.

Visit the T56 Series 3.5 Engine Enhancement Package websiteLink opens in a new window to learn more about the significant improvements it will provided to C-130s around the globe.

Download: C-130H T56 Engine Enhancement Package Infosheet Link opens in a new window