Submarine nuclear propulsion

Rolls-Royce is a world-leader in nuclear submarine systems and support services incorporating design, procurement and operation.  For the past fifty years, we have been the Technical Authority for the UK Nuclear Steam Raising Plant (NSRP). They are responsible for powering the whole of the UK's Royal Navy submarine fleet.

In order to fulfil our role as Technical Authority, we employ specialist and highly skilled engineers across a number of disciplines. These include; design, stress analysis, structural integrity assessment, NDE, thermo-hydraulic analysis, materials and chemistry.

Following the government decision in 2007 to replace the UK's current Vanguard Class submarine deterrent, work continues to progress on the design and manufacture of a new propulsion plant for the Royal Navy's Successor submarine. In 2010 the Strategic Defence and Security Review included the long term commitment to provide an enduring submarine enterprise programme. The industry partners, including Rolls-Royce committed to deliver cost savings of more than £900million over a ten-year period through the Submarines Enterprise Performance Programme (SEPP).

Our role today covers all major activities – design, project management, procurement and safety assessment. Worldwide submarine operational support is provided from Derby and through support staff at naval bases throughout the UK.