Thruster exchange pool

To streamline thruster repairs or reduce overhaul times, customers can now use our thruster exchange pool that includes popular older TV models as well as current production TT models. All have been refurbished to factory standards with a one year warranty.

The inventory, which is constantly being updated includes the Rolls-Royce thrusters which are outlined in the next tab, with various gear ratios. Please contact your nearest service centre for current availability.

When our underwater intervention services are used, the total time for tunnel thruster removal and replacement can be under 24hrs, with no drydocking.

The following thrusters are available from the exchange pool:

Tunnel thrusters (TV range)

  • 90TV
  • 150TV
  • 250TV
  • 375TV
  • 900TV

Tunnel thrusters (TT range) *with Kamewa CPP K1 option

  • TT1300*
  • TT1650*
  • TT1850*
  • TT2000*
  • TT2200*
  • TT2400*
  • TT2650

Swing-up thrusters (TCNS)

  • TCNS73
  • TCNS92