Offshore exploration and production

With our unrivalled menu of products and services, huge experience and strong global presence, Rolls-Royce provides marine solutions that satisfy the diverse tasks faced by offshore operators supporting the exploration and production industry.

We listen to our customers and seek to work closely with them in order to understand their priorities.  In this way, we are able to supply equipment and fully integrated systems that are innovative, comprehensive and can be customised to their specific operational needs. 

Choosing Rolls-Royce means an assurance of industry-leading technology and the highest quality products and systems.  We have production facilities in nine countries and a dedicated support network that spans 33 countries.

More than 750 UT vessel designs are in service or on order for demanding roles in the exploration and production sector including anchor-handling, cable-laying and seismic surveys as well as drilling, platform supply and multi-purpose duties.  Furthermore, we are well positioned for the future, as the search for oil and gas reserves moves into deeper waters and more remote locations – calling for ever more novel solutions.

Our equipment ranges from ship design, automated systems and propulsion equipment to motion control, precision positioning and manoeuvring systems, on-board electricity generation and a wide range of deck machinery.