Naval ship design

To meet the growing demand for adapted Rolls-Royce commercial vessel designs in the global governmental market we have established a dedicated naval ship design team based in Bristol, UK. The team leverages the expertise of other ship design teams around the world and is focused on the OPV and support vessel sectors to meet the needs of Naval, Coast Guard and other government agencies for efficient and economical to build ship designs.

Integrated propulsion systems include those powered by Bergen medium speed diesels and MTU high-speed diesels.

Patrol vessels

Skadi 55 is the smallest in the Rolls-Royce family of OPV designs. A multipurpose patrol, search and rescue craft with a prime role as Mothership for high-speed interceptor RHB's. The larger Skadi 90 is designed for a broad range of missions and compatible with future 'offboard' mine warfare requirement.


The 55m MPV55 is the smallest in a new family of patrol vessel designs; others are aviation-capable 75m and 90m ships

SKADI 55 at a glance
Length: 54.4 m
Beam: 9.0 m
DWL:   2.4 m
Speed: 23 knots
Range: 4,500 nm
Weapons: 1 x 30 mm Canon
2 x 50 Cal HMG
Boats: 2 x 8m 45 knot RHIBs
1 x 5m Workboat