Rolls-Royce has built upon decades of world-class research, development, accrued knowledge and product refinement to bring its current cutting-edge designs, systems solutions and equipment to customers in the increasingly sophisticated fishing industry.

We are continually introducing advanced technology innovations in the areas of ship design, integrated propulsion/manoeuvring systems and deck machinery in order to improve the efficiency of fishing operations. Close customer co-operation throughout all phases of a project enables us to help operators to select the optimum products and systems for their specific vessel, which also puts us in a unique position to support them throughout the life of the vessel.

Over the past quarter of a century, more than 110 fishing vessels have been built or ordered to our NVC-Designs. Vessels can be designed for speed to suit operators of pelagic trawlers, for stability for stern trawlers, or to optimise fish handling and on-deck working conditions for longliner/gilnet designs.

As a global leading single-source supplier of integrated marine systems and solutions, we offer huge benefits for customers throughout the lifetime of their equipment. As well as several major production facilities worldwide, we operate service support with genuine global reach – with 70 service centres across 30 locations in five continents.