Cruise and ferry

Rolls-Royce products and integrated systems power and stabilise vessels for many of the world’s leading cruise and ferry operators.

For a sector where passenger comfort and safety, vessel availability and fuel efficiency are prime commercial considerations, it’s often the ability to utilise our uniquely broad range of products – either individually or as fully-integrated systems – that makes the difference.

From ship design to deck machinery, we can provide equipment solutions for the largest ocean liners undertaking luxurious world cruises and for a variety of car, freight and passenger ferries operating high-volume, rapid-cycle routes.

Already the global leading single-source supplier of integrated marine systems and solutions, we seek to continually improve our equipment by introducing new technologies developed through world class research and development programmes.  

Our advanced technology innovations in the areas of ship design, integrated propulsion/ manoeuvring systems and deck machinery help to assure efficient, environmentally beneficial and cost-effective cruise and ferry operations, together with the comfort of sea-going passengers.

As a true global player, Rolls-Royce can offer huge benefits for customers throughout the lifetime of their equipment.  As well as several major production facilities on virtually every continent, we operate service support with genuine global reach – with 70 service centres across 30 locations.